Student Franchise

Working with the Detailing Knights to run your own business is a summer opportunity unlike any other! Not only are you in charge of your own auto detailing business but you are in charge of the growth of your peers that you hire. We pride ourselves on being a crash course for entrepreneurs dubbed the “Be The Boss Bootcamp”. We mentor you to market your services to car owners and manage detailing teams who are responsible for delivering quality work each and every time. When you run your own business you are now responsible for the money you make and the skills you acquire, your destiny is in your hands.

Run your own business this summer The Detailing Knights train you in all of the aspects necessary to run a mobile car cleaning business, including teaching you about the car industry, marketing and sales, emotional intelligence, fundraising and presentation skills, effective management skills, customer service and financial management. We guide, support and coach you both in the classroom and out in the field, allowing you to obtain hands-on experience that will ensure that you will stand out and control your future.

Being able to run your own business is by no means easy but we at the Detailing Knights believe this is what shapes character. Also, we do not just throw you to the wolves! With our mentorship and training we can guide you through the tough times so you come out on the other end (maybe battered and bruised) but it is our mission to get you to success. For some that is a fatter bank account and for others its the skills needed to dominate their competition in the workforce or in their own future business venture. After you run you own business with the Knights, you get both…!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions about Detailing Knights and the opportunity to run your own business. Please click on the question to reveal the answer. Should your question not appear below, feel free to contact us and we will happily respond to your inquiries within a timely manner.

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