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The power of one is one but the power of many is infinite. If I do anything in my life I hope to touch as many people in a positive way as possible with our social car detailing company. –Sir Ryan O’Neil Knight

Facts about Detailing Knights

  • First Social Car Detailing certified Benefit corporation in the World.
  • Offices in Toronto and Brampton – serving GTA and Peel Region.
  • Specializing in mobile auto detailing and car cleaning.
  • Completely waterless and environmentally friendly.
  • Served thousands of happy and satisfied customers.
  • Proprietary Student Franchising Model.

More about the Detailing Knights process on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

detailing knights is a vehicle detailing company

Bcorp Certification The Detailing Knights increase convenience and quality at a great price, all while raising awareness for the water usage crisis in the environment. Their detailing methods are highly effective and can be taught easily. Using waterless car washing products, they have been able to reduce detailing time by more than half while increasing the quality of work done reducing water waste by 99%.

Our main reason for having the Detailing Knights assessed for B Corp certification was to keep our vision on the right track. Our ultimate goal is to have a student learning how to run their own business in every country around the world and becoming a part of the B Corp community is vital to that aim. We want to keep our company focused on building the leaders of tomorrow to be savvy business owners with a strong eco-conscience.

The Detailing Knights offer customers a more convenient option for getting their vehicle cleaned. Thanks to their waterless exterior car wash and polish, The Detailing Knights are able to travel to a customer’s home or office. The Detailing Knights and have also set up satellite locations at shopping mall parking lots and Fitness Clubs.

The Mission of The Detailing Knights is to become the World’s number 1 waterless car detailing company. They aim to become pioneers in the new waterless car washing movement thereby allowing Canada to become known for its water saving focus. Their company model is focused on entrepreneurial development. Within 5 years, The Detailing Knights will become a premier academy for high school graduates and college students who want to learn the art of being an entrepreneur through real life experience.

The Change We Seek® The Detailing Knights are sick of seeing youth unemployment numbers rise and are focused on bringing it down as much as possible. It is clear that there is a definitive disconnect between youth being hired due to their inexperience, yet the only real experience is minimal and not in their desired field. The Detailing Knights believe that every student should run their own business at least once and are now creating the platform for this to be done with the least amount of resistance. In a partnership with the small business enterprise centre that runs the Summer Company Grant program, they are able to help eager youth build valuable skills they can use in any career path that they choose. Moving forward, the Detailing Knights will be able to help at risk youth in low income communities that have the motivation, but lack the means to take the next step forward.

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